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Thank you for calling CWA Local's 1051 infoline.  Today is Sunday morning April 8, 2012 President Silva speaking, We have been notified by V.P. Ralph Maly that we will be working without a contract.  Please report to work, work to the rule, work safely.  As you know this is subject to change so please remain mobilized and ready.

Solidarity to All

Secretary Treasurer Election Results

Dear Union Brothers & Sisters,

     In the recent Secretary-Treasurer election we are happy to announce that Christine Lagasse was elected to the position on Friday, March 30, 2011.  We would like to congratulate Christine on her victory and would like to thank Shelly and Barbara for their participation and efforts in the election process.  

In Unity, 

Dennis Mattos


Around the Local
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 18:33

CWA Local 1051 wishes all members a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

In Westford, contract negotiations are ongoing. A membership meeting was recently held to keep members informed of progress and to get their input into these important negotiations. We will share any new information after the next bargaining session.

In Hudson, contract negotiations are upcoming. We are in the planning stage where we gather member input and plan our negotiationing plan. We will share information as it becomes available.

In Fairhaven, the vacation selection process has begun. Members are currently selecting full week vacations, once that is completed they will be selecting days. There was a minor change to the vacation policy this year regarding canceling pre-scheduled vacation days. You will now be required to provide 48 hrs notice prior to canceling a vacation day. This change was due to the limited number of vacation slots available on any given day and numerous complaints from our members who were denied vacation days because someone else had prescheduled the day and then came to work on that day. When that happened the vacation slot was lost. With the new process we will not lose any vacation slots, when someone cancels the day it will be awarded to the first person on the waitlist for that day, if there is no waitlist it will be available for any member to put in a request for.

For AT&T members in all regions, contract negotiations will be coming up shortly. We have distributed a pre-bargaining form for members to identify and prioritize the issues they would like addressed in the next contract. With the recent labor battles going on around the country we expect these to be very difficult negotiations. While we won't speculate on the chances of a strike all members are encouraged to prepare themselves for that possibility.

CWA Local 1051 has also participated in Occupy Movement conference calls and may be participating in upcoming events. We will keep you posted as to how you can get involved.

 We'd also like to remind all members to show their solidarity by wearing red on thursdays.


W-2 Tax Forms

Dear Union Brothers & Sisters,

     I have mailed out your W2's this morning.  Please call the hall if you have not received them in the next couple days. 508-961-1405



 Dennis Mattos 


Verizon Strike

Dear Members,


Our Union Brothers and Sisters at Verizon are on Strike! Due to Verizon's Corporate Greed and refusal to seriously bargain a new collective agreement in good faith with their workers the unions, CWA and IBEW have called a strike. We at CWA Local 1051 offer our full support to our fellow UNION members at Verizon. We will be in contact with our Union counterparts who represent Verizon workers and will be offering our support and assistance. Their fight is our fight and is the fight for all middle class workers against the culture of Corporate Greed! 


Our members are reminded that we do NOT cross Striking workers picket lines. Please show your support when you see theses workers! Please be ready for mobilization as we will be asking for your support to assist with our efforts to show solidarity with the Verizon workers!


Any questions please contact your Union steward, DVP, or Local Officer.


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